Nguyen Anh Minh is a photographer living and working in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. His photography is deeply influenced by his attraction to the variety of expressions of human faces, the beauty of urban life and somehow his strong environmentalism. His passion for photography started in late 2007 when he worked as local producer and fixer for various documentary filming crews and traveled all around Viet Nam, discovering and learning the fundamentals that make up a professional photograph from experienced photographers and videographers.

​It is in 2009, when he moved to Chile and started his project of portrait photography. In 2013, he published his first portrait photographic book entitled “Chile, un retrato” (“Chile, a portrait”, LOM Editions) in dual languages, Spanish and Vietnamese. Now back in Viet Nam, Minh recently started his new photographic project aiming to describe Vietnamese faces in his own view.

Explore the website and make sure to follow him on social media. If you are interested in his services, please contact him through the link below.